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DGE The Space Geophysics Division – DGE is a division of the General Coordination of Space and Atmospheric Sciences – CEA of the National Institute for Space Research - INPE. The DGE seeks to understand the physical phenomena that occur on our planet, in space and on other planets. Research and development activities are carried out, as well as a graduate program, dissemination and advisory in Space Geophysics. Research studies include: solar and interplanetary processes related to the origin of geomagnetic storms and space weather prediction; study of space weather variability using cosmic rays; numerical simulations of space plasmas phenomena; studies of magnetic reconnection and fundamental processes in planetary magnetospheres, the geomagnetic field and its spatial and temporal variations, the electrical conductivity of the inner layers of the planet; studies of solar variability on various time scales and its effects on the Earth. A graduate program in Space Geophysics, both Masters and PhD levels, is also offered, covering the above mentioned research topics.