Second Announcement

The Influence of Solar Variability on Geophysical and Heliospheric Phenomena; the 2009 ILWS Workshop will be held at the Itamambuca Eco Resort, Ubatuba beach, in the state of São Paulo - Brazil, October 4-9, 2009 ( Information on the meeting can be found at

Key issues in Solar, Interplanetary, Magnetospheric and Ionospheric-Upper Atmospheric Physics will be addressed. Furthermore, topical sessions on propagation of interplanetary structures in the heliosphere, extreme magnetic storms, low latitude electrodynamics, space weather, solar and geomagnetic activity influence on climate and future ILWS missions complete the conference agenda.

The Itamambuca Eco Resort is a paradisiacal place, both in terms of scenery, beautiful beaches and tropical forest. It is located in a region far from over-populated places. It is an idyllic place that all will surely enjoy.


Science Organizing Committee

Abdu, M. - Brazil
Antonucci, E. - Italy
Blanco, X. - Mexico
Cheng, F. - Taiwan
Cid, C. - Spain
Daglis, I. A. - Greece
Escoubet, P. - Netherlands
Fejer, B. - USA and Brazil
Gonzalez, W. - Brazil
Liu, W. - Canada
Macmahon, M. - Chile
Obara, T. - Japan
Opher, M. - USA and Brazil
Rovira, M. - Argentina
Schatten, K. - USA
Schwenn, R. - Germany
Sibeck, D. - USA
Solanky, S. - Germany
Spann, J. - USA
Thompson, B. - USA
Tsurutani, B. - USA
Vasyliunas, V. - Germany
Wang, C. - China
Zastenker, G. - Russia


Sessions (chairs)

• Solar physics general session (R. Schwenn and A. Dal Lago)
• Magnetospheric physics general session (Y. Daglis, A. L. Gonzalez and Mendes, O. Jr.)
• Ionospheric-upper atmospheric physics general session (J.Kozyra and J.Sobral)
• Low latitude electrodynamics (B. Fejer and M. Abdu)
• Extreme magnetic storms (G. Lakhina and E. Echer)
• Genesis and propagation of interplanetary structures throughout the Heliosphere (M. Opher and V. Alves)
• Space weather phenomena (T.Onsager and H.Takahashi)
• Solar and geomagnetic activity influence on Earth's climate (T. Nathan and W.D. Gonzalez)
• Current and future worldwide missions relevant to ILWS (W. Liu and T. Villela)


Invited Speakers :

Bhattacharya, A.
Boteler, David
Chau, Jorge,
Donovan, Eric
Escoubet, Philippe
Fejer, Bela
Fok, Mei-Ching
Fuller-Rowell, Timothy
Garcia, Rolando
Gonzalez, Walter
Guhathakurta, Lika
Huang, Chien-Ming.
Hudson, Hugh
Jokipii, J. Randy
Kaufmann, Pierre
Kikuchi, Takashi
Kozyra, Janet
Kudeki, Erhan
Laakso, Harri
Marsch, Eckart
Maruyama, T.
Muralikrishna, Polinaya
Nathan, Terry
Opher, Merav
Pesnell, Dean
Pollock, Craig
Richardson, John
Sibeck, D. - USA
Stenborg, Guillermo
Tsurutani, Bruce
Vasyliunas, Vytenis



Pre-registration will start on May 1st via the website. Hotel reservations should be made directly via the hotel webpage (follow link at the meeting site). A special hotel rate has been arranged for the participants.


Abstract Submission

An abstract form for the contributed papers (oral or poster) will be available soon on the web site. Abstracts of those interested in financial support (from the Local Organizing Committee) should be submitted to the organizers as soon as possible. For this, please contact Alicia L. C. Gonzalez ( or Alisson Dal Lago (



Arrangements are being made with the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics for the preparation of a special issue comprising of presentations made during the conference.