Monday, October 5: Opening Session (chairperson: A. L. C. Gonzalez)
8:30 Lika Guhathakurta           NASA Headquarters
8:40 Gilberto Camara              INPE´s Director
8:50 Walter D. Gonzalez         Convener/Organizing Committee
Monday, October 5: Solar General Session I (chairperson: R. Schwenn)
9:00 Marsch, E. MPS, Germany Science objectives of Solar Orbiter   (Invited)
9:30 Hudson, H. UC Berkeley, USA Solar Flares with and without Large-Scale Processes   (Invited)
10:00 Stenborg, G. Interferometrics Inc. A grand tour of the first two and a half years of STEREO/SECCHI Observations   (Invited)
10:30 Coffee Break
 Solar General Session II (chairperson: A. Dal Lago)
11:00 Kaufmann, P. CRAAM, Brazil Solar observations at submillimeter and mid-infrared wavelengths   (Invited)
11:30 Balmaceda, L. UV, Spain Radiative and magnetic properties of small magnetic elements
11:45 Dal Lago, A. INPE, Brazil Study of a coronal mass ejection using STEREO/SECCHI and SOHO/LASCO observations
12:00 Dasso, S. IAFE, Argentina Evolution of interplanetary coronal mass ejections for different solar wind conditions
12:15 De Lucas, A. INPE, Brazil Extension of Magnetic Clouds in the Inner Heliosphere as observed from Multi-Spacecraft
12:30 Lunch
 Solar General Session II (continuation)
14:00 Jackson, B. V. UC San Diego, USA The Solar Mass Ejection Imager (SMEI) 3D-reconstruction of density enhancements behind interplanetary shocks 
14:15 Rosa, R. INPE, Brazil Spectral Analysis of Decimetric Solar Bursts Variability
14:30 Trigoso, H. IGP, Perú The Solar Spectrograph at Ica Solar Station
12 Genesis and Propagation of Interplanetary Structures throughout the Heliosphere (Monday, October 5th)
Monday, October 5: Genesis and Propagation of Interplanetary Structures throughout the Heliosphere (chairperson: V. Alves)
14:45 Jokipii, J. U Arizona, USA Understanding Collisionless Shocks in the Heliosphere   (Invited)
15:15 Opher, M.  George Mason Univ. Comparative Shock Studies: From the Lower Corona to the Termination Shock   (Invited)
15:45 Coffee Break
Genesis and Propagation of Interplanetary Structures throughout the Heliosphere (chairperson: M. Opher)
16:15 Richardson, J. MIT, USA Shocks in the Heliosphere   (Invited)
16:45 Tsurutani, B. JPL, USA Magnetic decrease formation in interplanetary space and mirror mode formation in planetary magnetosheaths and the heliosheath
17:00 Bisi, M. UCSD, USA Coronal Mass Ejections and Large-Scale Solar Wind Structure in the Declining and Minimum Phase between Solar Cycles 23 and 24
17:15 Lui, A. JHUAPL, USA Grad-Shanfranov Reconstruction of Coronal Mass Ejection
  Tusday, October 6: Magnetosphere General Session I (chairperson: A. L. C. Gonzalez)
09:00 Vasyliunas, V. MPI, Germany The physics of magnetospheric variability   (Invited)
09:30 Fok, M-C GSFC, USA Recent Developments in the Radiation Belt Environment Model   (Invited)
10:00 Laakso, H. SER-OS,  ESA Usage of Cluster data in the ILWS studies   (Invited)
10:30 Coffee Break
   Magnetosphere General Session II (chairperson: Mendes, O. Jr.)
11:00 Sibeck, D. GSFC, NASA
The THEMIS Mission   (Invited)
11:30 Pu, Z. Peking Univ., China Magnetic reconnection at the dayside magnetopause: New results from Double Star-Cluster coordinated observations
11:45 Korotova, G. Izmiran, Rusia Themis Observations of Compressional Pulsations in the Dawn-Side Magnetosphere
12:00 Nieves-Chinchilla, T. NASA, USA Propagation and evolution of the June 1st 2008 CME in the interplanetary medium
12:15 Kane, R. INPE, Brazil Similarities and Dissimilarities between the Variations of CME and Other Solar Parameters at Different Heliographic Latitudes and Time Scales
12:30 Lunch
   Magnetosphere General Session II (continuation)
14:00 Korth, A. MPI, Germany Response of the Polar Cusp and the Magnetotail to CIRs Studied by a Multispacecraft Wavelet Analysis
14:15 Stepanova, M. Univ. Santiago, Chile Modelling of the turbulent plasma sheet during quiet and disturbed geomagnetic conditions
October 6: Ionosphere-Upper Atmosphere General Session I (chairperson: J. Kozyra)
14:30 Abdu, M. INPE, Brazil Disturbance Electric Fields effects on the Equatorial Evening Prereversal Vertical Drift and Spread F Developments   (Invited)
15:00 Kikuchi, T. STELAB, Japan Effects of the interplanetary processes on the electrodynamics of the inner magnetosphere-ionosphere system   (Invited)
15:30 Coffee Break
 Ionosphere-Upper Atmosphere General Session II (chairperson: J. H. Sobral)
16:00 Kudeki,  U Ill., USA Modeling the incoherent scatter radar spectrum for modes propagating perpendicular to B    (Invited)
16:30 São Sabbas, F. INPE, Brazil The Importance of Upper Atmospheric Effects of Thunderstorms and Lightning to the Earth's Energy Budget and its Current Research Status in South America
16:45 Schuch, N. J. INPE, Brazil The Influence of the Solar Variability on Space Geophysics Phenomena in Southern of Brazil and South America
17:00 Sobral, J. INPE, Brazil Zonal velocities of the ionospheric F-region plasma during the nocturnal period: Effects of the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly
17:15 Guarnieri, F. UNIVAP, Brazil Ionospheric Disturbances Induced by Interplanetary Alfvén Waves Observed by GPS Data
Wednesday, October 7: Space Weather I  (chairperson: T. Onsager)
09:00 Boteler, D. NRC, Canada The Growing Need for Space Weather Information   (Invited)
09:30 Fuller-Rowell, T. NOAA, USA Upper Atmosphere Space Weather – What drives it?   (Invited)
10:00 Maruyama, T. NIICT, Japan Ionospheric studies using a meridional ionosonde network at low-latitudes   (Invited)
10:30 Coffee Break
 Space Weather II  (chairperson: H. Takahashi)
11:00 Glover, A. Rhea Sist., ESA Recent Activities of the ILWS End User Task Group
11:15 Noel, J. M. RMC, Canada The effects of ionospheric electrodynamics on  low-earth-orbiting satellites
11:30 Alves, M. V. INPE/PLASMA Probability distribution functions for the geoffectiveness of solar wind interplanetary magnetic structures
11:45 Sawant, H. S. INPE, Brazil The Brazilian Decimetric Array (BDA) Contribution To Space Weather Investigations
12:00 Takahashi, H. INPE, Brazil Brazilian Space Weather Program
12:15 Cecatto, J. R. INPE, Brazil Renewed Brazilian Solar Spectroscope (BSS) And Space Weather
12:30 Lunch
Thursday, October 8: Extreme Magnetic Storms (chairperson: E. Echer)
09:00 Tsurutani, B. JPL, USA Extreme Magnetic Storms:  Solar and Interplanetary Causes and Consequences at Earth   (Invited)
09:30 Gonzalez, W. INPE, Brazil Interplanetary and  Magnetospheric Processes during Extreme Geomagnetic Storms   (Invited)
10:00 Kozyra, J. Univ.  Mch., USA Extreme Space Weather in Geospace:  New Results from a System Perspective   (Invited)
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Echer, E. INPE, Brazil Statistical studies of superstorms (Dst ≤ -250 nT)
11:15 Cid, C UAH, Espanha Solar sources related to the largest Dst variations of solar cycle 23
11:30 Antonova, E. Moscow Univ. Russia Transverse magnetospheric currents and great geomagnetic storms.
12:30 Lunch
  Thursday, October 8: Low Latitude Electrodynamics (chairperson: M. Abdu)  
14:00 Fejer, B. USU, USA Low Latitude Ionospheric Electrodynamics   (Invited)
14:30 Bhattacharyya, A. IIG, India Solar influence on the evolution of intermediate scale length ESF irregularities   (Invited)
15:00 Chau, J. IGP, Perú The Equatorial Ionosphere during Sudden Stratospheric Warming events   (Invited)
15:30 Batista, I INPE, Brazil Unusual early morning development of the Equatorial Ionization Anomaly during intense magnetic storms
15:45 Muralikrishna, P. INPE, Brazil The Effects of Meteoric Dust on the Equatorial E-Region Dynamics and Electrodynamics
16:00 Coffee Break
  Thursday, October 8: Solar and Geomagnetic Activity Influence on Earth's Climate Session (chairperson: W. D. Gonzalez)
16:30 Nathan, T. UC Davis, USA Solar Variability and Climate:  From Mechanisms to Models   (Invited)
17:00 Garcia, R. NCAR, USA The Response of the Atmosphere to Solar Variability:  What role does the QBO play?   (Invited)
17:30 Pesnell, W. D.  GSFC, NASA What Is Solar Minimum and Why Should We Care?   (Invited)
Friday, October 9: Current and Future Worldwide Missions Relevant to ILWS  (chairperson: J. Spann) 
8:30 Jim Spann MSFC, NASA Introduction 
8:35 Lika Guhathakurta SMD, NASA NASA policy towards international partnerships     (Invited)
8:45 Jim Spann MSFC, NASA  Future System Science Targets for Heliphysics at NASA    (Invited)
9:10 Eric Donovan  NRC, Canada Future Global GeoSpace Imaging in the Context of ILWS   (Invited)
9:35 Philippe Escoubet  ESTEC, ESA ESA current and future Solar System Missions   (Invited)
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 Ian Mann  UA, Canada The Outer Radiation Belt Injection, Transport, Acceleration and Loss Satellite (ORBITALS): A Canadian Mission to the Inner Magnetosphere   (Invited)
10:45 Polinaya Muralikrishna INPE, Brazil Lattes - Brazilian Dual Mission Scientific Satellite    (Invited)
11:10 Dean Pesnell GSFC, NASA The Solar Dynamics Observatory: Your Eye on the Sun   (Invited)
11:35 Nat Gopalswamy MSFC, NASA Earth-Affecting Solar Causes Observatory (EASCO): A Potential International Living with a Star Mission from Sun-Earth L5   (Invited)
12:00 Taylor, M. RSSD, ESA Cross-Scale and SCOPE: the future in Space Plasma Physics
12:15 Pollock, C. J. and
Burch, J. L.
Southwest Research
NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) to Study Magnetic Reconnection
12:35 Ukhorskiy, S. and
Sibeck, D.
GSFC, NASA The Radiation Belt Storm Probe (RBSP) mission
Jim Spann & Walter D. Gonzalez: Closing Session