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# Name Institution Title
  Monday, October 5: Solar General Session
1 Cassiano, M. M. CRAAM, Brazil Fast Mid-IR Flashes detected during Small Solar Flares
2 Cerrato, Y. UAH, Spain Halo CMEs far from central meridian: why are they geoeffective?
3 Costa JR, E. INPE, Brazil Charged particles interaction with magnetic decreases in high heliospheric latitudes
4 Moya, P.  Univ. de Chile Acceleration and heating of ions in the Solar Wind
5 Duro, M. A. S. CRAAM, Brazil Solar Cycle 23 and electrical transmission power failures in South-East of Brazil
6 Rigozo, N. INPE, Brazil Prediction of Solar Activity and Solar Cycle Length for Cycle 24 and 25
7 Rigozo, N. INPE, Brazil Prediction of Solar Minimum and Maximum Epochs on the Basis of Spectral Characteristics for the Next Millennium
8 Rigozo, N. INPE, Brazil Inferring the Imprint of Solar Activity over ?18O Records from Deep Ice Cores
9 Ruiz, M. E. IAFE, Argentina Turbulent fluctuations in the inner heliosphere: analysis of the anisotropies.
10 Silveira, M. V.  INPE, Brazil Interplanetary structures studies using plasma and magnetic field parameters
11 Simões, P. CRAAM, Brazil Spatial morphology of optically thin radio emission of solar flares
12 Valio, A. CRAAM, Brazil Arrival Time ff CMES at the Earth Orbit
  Monday, October 5: Genesis and Propagation of Interplanetary Structures throughout the Heliosphere
1 Chian, A. INPE, Brazil Phase synchronization in intermittent magnetic field turbulence in shocked and unshocked solar wind
2 Hidalgo, M. UAH, Spain Interaction between magnetic clouds and the heliospheric current sheet at 1AU as it is observed by one single observation point
3 Juli, M. CRAAM, Brazil Effects of superthermal electrons and charged dust particles on Alfven waves in the solar wind
4 Miranda, R INPE, Brazil ACE and Ulysses detection of coherent structures in the heliospheric magnetic field turbulence during the ICME event of January 2005
5 Muñoz, P. INPE, Brazil Cluster observation of current sheets and magnetic reconnection in the upstream solar wind for the ICME event of January 2005
6 Vieira, L. R UFSM, Brazil Correlations Between Interplanetary Shock Parameters And Cosmic Ray Decreases in 2001
  Tuesday, October 6: Magnetosphere General Session  
1 Antonova, E. Moscow Univ. Russia Turbulence in magnetosheath and the problem of plasma penetration inside the magnetosphere
2 Braga, C. R  INPE, Brazil Observation of interplanetary-geomagnetic disturbances using satellite  and the Global Muon Detector Network (GMDN) observations
3 Clua de Gonzalez, A. INPE, Brazil Ring current behavior during very intense geomagnetic storms
4 Gallardo-Lacourt, B. Univ. Santiago, Chile Variation of the maximum static pressure in the inner magnetosphere under the variation of the solar wind dynamic pressure and different coupling functions
5 Jauer, P. R  INPE, Brazil Magnetohydrodynamic simulations of Earth magnetotail response to the interplanetary magnetic field variations
6 Larocca, P. UBA, Argentina Spectral studies of time series of  aa index and sunspot numbers
7 Mendonça, R R S. INPE, CRAAM, Brazil Variações do Fluxo de Raios Cósmicos observadas pelo Detector Carpet
8 Ojeda Gonzalez, A. INPE, Brazil Analysis on Spatio Temporal Entropy for Magnetic Clouds of Solar Cycle 23
9 Klausner, V.  INPE, Brazil

A Preliminary Study Of The Total Geomagnetic Field Using Principal Component Analysis

10 Mendes, O. INPE, Brazil Extraction of coherent events and scale dependent statistics of magnetograms using orthogonal wavelets: preliminary results
11 Pinto, V. UCh, Chile Study of the turbulent transport processes in the plasma sheet using the THEMIS satellite data
12 Saiz. E. UAH, Spain Understanding the physical processes which increase the ring current energy content
13 Santolik, O. Charles University, Czech Republic Dynamics of whistler-mode chorus emissions in the Earth´s magnetosphere as a response to the geomagnetic activity
14 Silva, M. R INPE, Brazil Global Muon Detector Network Observing  Geomagnetic Storm´s Precursor since March 2001
15 Tsurutani, B. JPL, USA Properties of Dayside Outer Zone Chorus Emissions During High Speed Solar Wind Streams
  Tuesday, October 6: Ionosphere-Upper Atmosphere General Session
1 Abreu, A.  UNIVAP, Brazil Effects Observed in the American Sector Ionospheric F Region During the Space Weather Event of  September 2002
2 Aguado, J. UAH, Spain Does the recovery time depend on the intensity of the geomagnetic storm?
3 Almeida, P. D. S. C. INPE, Brazil Analysis of Solar Tidal Signatures in Ionospheric Electric Currents Observed by Magnetometers
4 Anderson, D. NOAA, USA Forecasting Ionospheric Real-time Scintillation Tool (FIRST) 
5 Andrioli, V. F. INPE, Brazil Variability of  Diurnal Tidal Amplitude At Mlt Region Related With theSolar Activity Over Cachoeira Paulista, Brazil (22.7° S; 45° W)
6 Bageston, J. V. INPE, Brazil Mesospheric Front Observed at Ferraz Station, Antarctica (62°S)
7 Bolzan, M. J. A. UNIVAP, Brazil Multifractal Analysis of the Total Content Electron Obtained in Two Brazilian Cities
8 Castro, R F.  UEPB, Paraiba 6-7 day periodicities present in the equatorial mesospheric and ionospheric fields
9 Cueva, R Y. C.  INPE, Brazil Statistical behavior of spread F parameters over Christmas Island station
10 Da Silva, C.  INPE, Brazil Estudo da relação entre sprites observados no Brasil e seus relámpagos geradores
11 Diniz, J. M. UEPB, Paraiba Short time variations of diurnal tides in the equatorial meteor winds
12 Egito, F. INPE, Brazil Solar cycle effect on the MLT and thermospheric airglow observed in the South American equatorial region
13 Guizelli, L. M.  INPE, Brazil Occurrence of EEJ irregularities under disturbed magnetic activity vs quiet conditions
14 Jesus, R UNIVAP, Brazil Response of nighttime equatorial and low latitude F-region in the South American sector during the intense geomagnetic storms on 24-25 August 2005 
15 Kantor, I. INPE, Brazil Ionospheric storms at low latitudes: TEC observations
16 Koga, D. INPE, Brazil Study on the disturbance dynamo electric field in the equatorial ionosphere during long-lasting interplanetary magnetic field perturbation events
17 Mascarenhas, M. INPE, Brazil Multi-instrument evidence of wave seeding the plasma bubble instability
18 Medeiros, A. F. UFCG, Brazil Characteristics of the Environment in which Mesospheric Fronts Propagate
19 Moro, J. INPE, Brazil Potential for Gravity Waves Observations in South of Brazil based on the South America Riometer Network (SARINET)
20 Onohara, A. N.  INPE, Brazil A Study On Planetary Wave Effects in theEquatorial Ionosphere From Observation And Modeling
21 Paulino, A.R INPE, Brazil Lunar tides in the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere over São João do Cariri (7.4°S; 36.5°W)
22 Paulino, I. INPE, Brazil Characteristics of medium scale gravity waves observed by airglow images over Brazilian equatorial region
23 Raulin, J. P. CRAAM, Brazil South America VLF Network - SAVNET
24 Resende, L. C. A. INPE, Brazil Observations of Solar Flare Effects in the Sporadic-E Layers during Storm-Time in October 2003 at São Luís - MA (Brazil)
25 Rios, V. UT, Argentina Nighttime ionisation enhancements observed with the Tucuman Digisonde and GPS receiver
26 Shume, E. INPE, Brazil A study of variabilities of the equatorial electrojet in the East and West coasts of South America
27 Souza, J. INPE/DAE Enhancement Of The Sheffield University Plasmasphere-Ionosphere Model: E Region And New Inputs
28 Sousa, R B. UFCG, Paraiba 6-7 Day Wave Observed By Meteor Radar in the Equatorial Upper Mesosphere
29 Wrasse,C. UNIVAP, Brazil Tropospheric Sources of Medium Scale Gravity Wave Observed at Mesospheric Heights
30 Zamlutti, C. INPE, Brazil The Causes of  the Atmospheric Heating
  Wednesday, October 7: Space Weather 
1 Costa, J. INPE, Brazil Spectrometer And Polarimeter Measurements With SPECM
2 Domingues, M. INPE, Brazil Characterizing geomagnetic storms based on multi-scale wavelet decomposition: a case study
3 Guerra, J. Unicamp, Brazil Radiation cumulative effects at close space related to Space Weather on space/aircraft crew: preliminary discussions
4 Stekel, T. UFSM, Brazil An analysis of the geomagnetic field variation due to solar flare at Southern Brazil
  Wednesday, October 7:  Current and Future Worldwide Missions Relevant to ILWS  
1 Tan, I. INPE/PLASMA The ELISA project: an electrostatic energy analyzer for EQUARS scientific satellite
2 Taylor, M. RSSD, ESA Cross-Scale and SCOPE: the future in Space Plasma Physics
  Thursday, October 8: Extreme Magnetic Storms 
1 Paes, R. R. INPE, Brazil Plasma Bubbles Occurrence During Intense  Magnetic Storms Analyzed using Ionograms
  Thursday, October 8: Low Latitude Electrodynamics 
1 Aguiar, L.  INPE, Brazil Comparison between the amplitudes and the phases of the tides in the winds been on a par with meteoric radar in the mesosfera and high atmosphere above Cachoeira Paulista and the model GSWM.
2 Alves, E. UEPB, Paraiba Observational evidence for nonlinear interactions between diurnal tide and planetary waves in the MLT region at 7.4°S
3 Brum, C.G.M. Arecibo Obs.,   USA Oxygen densities derived from Arecibo ISR  (or MSIS vs. Burnside Factor and alternative hypothesis for the O-O  cross section adjustment) 
4 Candido, C.  INPE, Brazil Brazilian low latitude MSTIDs possibly associated with tropospheric activity sources at mid-latitudes
5 Castilho, V. M.  INPE, Brazil Association between ionospheric plasma bubbles and spread-F
6 Correa, C. O.  INPE, Brazil A influência da altura mínima na camada F (h'F) na ocorrência de bolhas de plasma em São João do Cariri e Cachoeira Paulista
7 Denardini, C. INPE, Brazil A Case Study on Prompt Penetration Electric Fields
Based on Multi-Resolution Analysis
8 Ely, C. V.  INPE, Brazil Comparative analysis of the mean values of vertical TEC and NmF2 obtained by the FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC sattelites and by digissonde during a low solar activity period
9 Fernandes, F. C. R UNIVAP, Brazil Wavelet Analysis of  Solar Decimetric Spikes
10 Fontes, S. ON, RJ Monitoring Some Weather Parameters by an Array of Magnetometers in Brazil
11 Grams, G. UFSM, Brazil Analyse of  Muons Counts Rates in Different Directions Measured By A Ground Based Detector
12 Lima, L. M. UEPB, Brazil Long-period oscillations in the equatorial mesosphere and ionosphere measurements
13 Muralikrishna, A. INPE, Brazil Geomagnetic Dst Index Forecast Using A Multilayer Perceptrons Artificial Neural Network
14 Nogueira, P. A.  INPE, Brazil Equatorial Ionization Anomaly and thermospheric meridional winds during quiet and disturbed periods over Brazilian low latitudes 
15 Prado, D. Univ. of Puerto Rico, USA Topside ionosphere responses to a moderate geomagnetic storm during solar minimum
16 Santos, A. M.  INPE, Brazil Efeitos do Fluxo Solar (F10.7) no pico de pré-reversão da deriva vertical e na freqüência de ocorrência das bolhas ionosféricas durante o período de baixa atividade solar
17 Siqueira, P. M.  INPE, Brazil Study of penetration electric fields and its effects on storm time Total Electron Content over Brazilian region
18 Trivedi, N. INPE, Brazil Pi2 Like Signatures of Periodic Traveling Compression Regions (TCR) Observed at the Equatorial Latitudes
  Thursday, October 8: Solar and Geomagnetic Activity Influence on Earth's Climate Session
1 Alvarez Garcia, F. J. UAH, Spain ENSO response to the 11-yr solar cycle in simple conceptual models
2 Pacini, A. INPE - UERJ Response of  Stable Isotopes of  Hydrogen, Delta-D, And Oxygen, Delta-O18, in Ice Cores to the Solar Activity Cycles
3 Prestes, A. UNIVAP, Brazil Sun-Earth-Climate Relationship Studied By Tree Growth Rings in Conifers From Severiano De Almeida, Southern Brazil
4 Ramos Martins, F. INPE, Brazil Search of a possible solar cycle signal in the surface solar radiation data recorded from SONDA during solar cycle 23: case I - Visible range 
5 Rampelotto, P. H. INPE, Brazil Long term variability of rainfall and temperature (1912-2008) from Santa Maria - South of Brazil (29ºS, 53ºW) and its connection with solar activity
6 Rigozo, N. INPE, Brazil Searching periodicities in terms of ozone at southern Brazil (29ºS, 53ºW) 
7 Santos, P. M. T. Arecibo Obs.,   USA In search of a long-trend neutral wind variations at Arecibo using Incoherent Scattering Radar measurements
8 Silva, A. CTA, Brazil A Study about the UV-Index variation at Belo Horizonte, Brazil. 
9 Souza Echer, M. INPE, Brazil Multi-resolution analysis of global, hemispheric and latitudinal  averaged air surface temperature and solar activity relationship